Precision Sensors for Construction, Agriculture, and Heavy-Duty Industries

ROW 66 specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of a wide range of sensors specifically used in the Construction, Agricultural, and Heavy-Duty Industries.  Whether you need to measure temperature, pressure, level, speed, position, or NOx, ROW 66 has you covered. ROW 66 is committed to our focus on customers, quality, and continuous improvement

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At ROW 66, we define quality and service as meeting or exceeding customer expectations. We strive to be responsive, provide accurate data, and resolve inquiries quickly

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Sensors for Construction, Agriculture & Heavy-Duty Industries
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ROW 66 Catalog – Precision Solutions for Heavy-Duty Performance

Dive into the ROW 66 Catalog, where precision meets performance. Discover a comprehensive range of sensors tailored for Heavy-Duty applications in construction, agriculture, and more. Explore excellence in every detail for superior performance and reliability

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ROW 66 develops products to monitor and control in the areas of fuel, oil, water/coolant, gas, exhaust, and speed.  Our team's expertise in the use of ceramic, thermistors, sputtered thin film, capacitance, and silicon technologies addresses the robust applications in Construction, Agricultural, and Heavy-Duty vehicles