Row 66 Position Sensors

Tailored Design for Construction, Agricultural, and Heavy-Duty Equipment

ROW 66 designed position sensors specifically for the demanding needs of Construction,Aagricultural, and Heavy-Duty equipment. Our full line of positions sensors are used to detect cam and crank angle as well as accelerator pedal angle

Essential Precision for Camshaft and Crankshaft Measurements

Camshaft and crankshaft position sensors are the most important sensors of any engine and are integral to the functionality of the distributor and ignition timing. The camshaft position sensor determines which cylinder is firing to synchronize the fuel injector and coil firing sequence while the crankshaft position sensor has multiple functions such as ignition timing, detecting engine RPM and relative speed

Precision Monitoring for Smooth Drive-by-Wire Performance

Our ROW 66 accelerator pedal position sensors monitor the pedal angle and providing a precise electronic signal that initiates throttle body control as opening or closing movements—a key component for any drive-by-wire system

Sensors Engineered to OE Standards, Validated for Rigorous Environments, and 100% Functionally Tested for Unmatched Quality

ROW 66 utilizes our engineering expertise to design all position sensors to the same requirements as the OE products. All products are validated for rigorous environments such as vibration, mechanical cycling, temperature extremes, salt fog, and other environments that simulate on-vehicle use. ROW 66 position sensors are functionally tested 100% on the assembly line before shipping to ensure the highest level of quality

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ROW 66 develops products to monitor and control in the areas of fuel, oil, water/coolant, gas, exhaust, and speed.  Our team's expertise in the use of ceramic, thermistors, sputtered thin film, capacitance, and silicon technologies addresses the robust applications in Construction, Agricultural, and Heavy-Duty vehicles

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