Row 66 temperature sensors

Designed for Construction, Agriculture and Heavy-duty

ROW 66 temperature sensors are designed for the most robust environments, incorporating various sensing technologies to perfectly measure temperature throughout your equipment, whether air, liquid, or exhaust gas:

  • Ambient air
  • Coolant
  • Exhaust gas
  • Intake air
  • Oil
  • SCR system
  • Transmission fluid
  • Turbo input / Output air
  • Fuel

Dual Temperature and Pressure Sensors

ROW 66 combined temperature and pressure sensors offer the benefit of both pressure and in-stream temperature sensing in a single, robust integrated design. Innovation and continuous improvement are aimed at the most severe applications

Unrivaled Performance with Rapid Response, and High Accuracy Using ROW 66 Temperature Sensors

ROW 66 customers will enjoy great coverage for a wide range of temperature measuring products with key attributes of:
• Designed for excellent thermal conductivity
• Fast response time
• As good or better than OE durability
• Technologies used provide high accuracy and the ability to hermetically seal
• 100% tested at end of the assembly line

Temperature Sensors Designed for Unmatched Reliability and Tested to OE Specification

At ROW 66, temperature sensors are qualified using OE specs and subjected to rigorous environments such as vibration, mechanical cycling, temperature extremes, salt fog, temperature shock, and other environments that simulate on-vehicle use and assure our customers receive the highest quality product

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ROW 66 develops products to monitor and control in the areas of fuel, oil, water/coolant, gas, exhaust, and speed.  Our team's expertise in the use of ceramic, thermistors, sputtered thin film, capacitance, and silicon technologies addresses the robust applications in Construction, Agricultural, and Heavy-Duty vehicles

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