Speed Sensors

ROW 66 Speed Sensors Designed for Construction, Agriculture, and Heavy-Duty Equipment

ROW 66 speed sensors are designed for the demanding needs of Construction, Agricultural, and Heavy-Duty equipment. Incorporating various sensing technologies for high resolution measurement of speed and/or position throughout your equipment:

  • Camshaft
  • Cranckshaft
  • PTO
  • Transmmission
  • Wheel
  • Turbo

ROW 66 Speed Sensors: Precision for Heavy-Duty Equipment

For high-resolution measurement of speed only, ROW 66 utilizes hall effect and magneto resistive technologies coupled with magnetic circuits that are optimized by application to provide non-contacting detection of rotating ferrous targets such as gears, shafts, or similar mechanisms located on your equipment

ROW 66 Speed and Position Sensors: utilizing proven technologies to address industry needs

For high-resolution measurement of speed and position, ROW 66 variable reluctance sensors are utilized.  These passive sensors are simple, rugged devices that do not require an external voltage source for operation.  By determining the speed and position of rotating shafts in Heavy-Duty, off-road, and construction vehicles, our ROW 66 sensors provide information to help improve engine combustion process efficiency amongst other benefits

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ROW 66 develops products to monitor and control in the areas of fuel, oil, water/coolant, gas, exhaust, and speed.  Our team's expertise in the use of ceramic, thermistors, sputtered thin film, capacitance, and silicon technologies addresses the robust applications in Construction, Agricultural, and Heavy-Duty vehicles

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